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Picture relating to Queensland - titled 'Pandanus tree, ca. 1870'
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Picture relating to Brisbane - titled 'Aerial view of the central business district of Brisbane, ca. 1895'
Picture relating to Brisbane - titled 'View over the central business district of Brisbane, 1895'
Picture relating to Brisbane River - titled 'By Marsh's Dairy on Cressbrook Station, Brisbane River, ca. 1896'
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Picture relating to Beechmont Range - titled 'Canungra Pine Creek Tramway in dense timber region, ca. 1914'
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Picture relating to Canungra - titled 'Person carrier on the flying fox on the Canungra Pine Creek Tramway, ca. 1914'
Picture relating to Blackall - titled 'Aerial view of Alice Downs Station, at Blackall, 1917'
Picture relating to Roma - titled 'Rooftops of Roma, ca. 1920'
Picture relating to Queensland - titled 'Delivering the first aerial mail from Maryborough to Brisbane in 1920'

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    Pandanus tree, ca. 1870

    contributed by QldPics, taken in 1870
    (contact QldPics about this picture)

    The Richard Daintree collection held in the John Oxley Library has many unidentified images. If you are able to assist with identification, please click on the Feedback tab.
    Richard Daintree, geologist and photographer, was born in 1832 in Huntingdonshire, England. He matriculated at Christ's College, Cambridge in 1851 and in 1852 joined the gold rush to Victoria. Unsuccessful as a prospector he became assistant geologist in the Victorian Geological Survey until 1856. On a visit to England he became interested in photography and when he rejoined the Geological Survey in 1859 he pioneered the use of photography in field-work. In 1864 he became a resident partner with William Hann in pastoral properties in the Burdekin country of North Queensland. There he was able to indulge his passions for both photography and prospecting. When the pastoral boom collapsed he used his knowledge to open up goldfields at Cape River (1867), Gilbert (1869) and Etheridge in 1869-70.

    Daintree advocated a geological survey of Queensland and when it began in 1868 he was geologist in charge of the northern division until 1870. In that year he made some of his finest photographic studies. In 1871 his collection of photographs and geological specimens formed the mainstray of Queensland's contribution to the Exhibition of Art and Industry in London. He was sent to England as commissioner in charge of this display, although much of it was lost when the ship carrying Daintree and his family was wrecked. In London he was appointed Queensland's agent-general in 1872. Due to ill health Daintree resigned in 1876 and died in Kent on the 20th June, 1878. His photographs , taken under difficult conditions by the cumbersome wet-plate process, are superb specimens of the art and present a vivid picture of early settlement in Queensland.

    This image depicts two women and an infant posing under the spreading branches of a pandanus tree. The aerial prop roots and fruit of the tree can be seen.

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