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Picture relating to Queensland - titled 'Portrait of Christie Palmerston, 1850-1893'

Portrait of Christie Palmerston, 1850-1893

contributed by QldPics, taken in 1850
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Christie Palmerston, explorer and adventurer in North Queensland. His achievements as an explorer were considerable. He opened up the hinterland west of Cardwell and Cairns, and explored the Mulgrave, Herbert, Tully, Johnstone, Russell and Barron Rivers and their headwaters. Palmerston also discovered the Daintree Pass and blazed a trail from the mining town of Herberton to Port Douglas. Palmerston was well known to the aboriginal people of the area having lived among them and gained a thorough knowledge of their tribal customs. He died in 1893 (Information taken from: The Australian encyclopaedia,, 1966)

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