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Picture relating to Brisbane - titled 'James Quinn, first Catholic Bishop of Queensland, ca. 1860'

James Quinn, first Catholic Bishop of Queensland, ca. 1860

contributed by QldPics, taken in 1860
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Portrait of James Quinn wearing his bishop's vestments. In 1859 Quinn was appointed Bishop of Queensland, arriving in Brisbane on 12 March, 1861. He promoted the introduction of the Sisters of Mercy; campaigned with Bishop Tufnell against secularisation of education; and founded the Queensland Immigration Society in 1862. He encountered problems with the Sisters of Mercy and members of the Catholic priesthood who disagreed with his autocratic treatment of his Church. He introduced a number of Italians to the Queensland priesthood after 1870. In 1875 the elder of St. Joseph withdrew from Queensland owing to difficulties with Quinn, and in 1877 Archbishop Vaughan was moved to enquire into the Queensland Church. Quinn died, by this time calling himself O'Quinn, in Brisbane on 18 August, 1881 (Information taken from: Australian Dictionary of Biography, v. 5, 1974).

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