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Picture relating to Woody Point - titled 'Woody Point shoreline, ca. 1876'

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Woody Point shoreline, ca. 1876

contributed by QldPics, taken in 1876
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Woody Point is on the southern tip of Redcliffe Peninsula, on the shores of Bramble Bay. In 1799, Matthew Flinders landed on the peninsula and named the location Red Cliff Point after the colours in the cliffs. In 1823 the peninsula was selected as the site of Queensland s first penal colony but, by 1825 the prisoners were moved further up the Brisbane River to escape the mosquitoes and the menace posed by local Aborigines. Redcliffe was once a small seaside retreat 40 km north of Brisbane. When the Hornibrook and Houghton Highways linked Brighton, an outer Brisbane suburb, to the Redcliffe peninsula, Redcliffe then became much more accessible and grew as part of Brisbane's suburban sprawl.

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