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Picture relating to Warwick - titled 'People strolling through Leslie Park, Warwick, ca. 1886'
Picture relating to Warwick - titled 'Australian Joint Stock Bank in Warwick, ca. 1886'

People strolling through Leslie Park, Warwick, ca. 1886

contributed by QldPics, taken in 1886
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Caption under photograph reads: Recreation Square.

Leslie Park has been a recreational square and park for Warwick since the first surveys in the late 1840s. These early surveys of Warwick saw land in the central part of town reserved for use as a public square and bounded by Victoria, Guy, Fitzroy and Palmerin Streets and intersected by Albert Street. These two blocks are now known as Leslie Park, named to honour the Leslie family who were early pioneers of the Darling Downs.

By 1867 the Warwick Argus reported that the Recreation Square presented a very neat appearance, having been surrounded by a wire fence. The square was in two sections, that to the north and south of Albert Street, which was described as a carriage road, and that these two sections were surrounded by timber and iron fences with entrances at each corner of both sections. The square was set aside for healthy and invigorating recreation, with the goal of Warwick developing as a desirable and fashionable resort.

Recreation Square was officially gazetted in 1869. By 1876 it had gates for pedestrians at each corner of the two sections of the Square, and paths from each gate crossing the square diagonally so as to afford great facilities to pedestrians. Many trees were supplied by Walter Hill, the Director of the Brisbane Botanic Gardens. (Information taken from: Environmental Protection Agency, 2007, retrieved 30 November 2007, from <>)