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Picture relating to Goodna - titled 'Ready for the fox hunt, Goodna, Ipswich, ca. 1892'
Picture relating to Moolboolaman - titled 'Mount Pleasant Hotel at Moolboolaman, ca. 1892'

Ready for the fox hunt, Goodna, Ipswich, ca. 1892

contributed by QldPics, taken in 1892
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Large group of horseriders and dogs gathered in front of a hotel at Goodna in readiness for a hunt.
Members present from left to right: Dr. R. B. Scholes riding the horse The Quaker, W. Kerwin, Adolph Feez riding the horse Gladstone, Miss Carlie Yalowin, J. Alexander riding the horse The Drone, M. B. Goggs riding the horse Dahlia, Ernest Baynes riding the horse Fairfield, E. G. Echliu-M. F. H. riding the horse The Pilot, I. O'Brien, F. W. McGill-Eric Molle riding the horse Patch, Mrs. Adolph Feez riding the horse Heels, C. H. E. Lambart riding the horse Stella, ? Watson, W. Watson riding the horse Sultan. (Description supplied with photograph.)

This picture is also part of the Bonzle Horses (open in new window) photo collection.