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Picture relating to Mackay - titled 'Cyclone damaged ships in the Pioneer River at Mackay, 1918'
Picture relating to Mackay - titled 'Cyclone damage to Croker's Wharf at Mackay , 1918'

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Cyclone damaged ships in the Pioneer River at Mackay, 1918

contributed by QldPics, taken in 1918
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A disastrous cyclone hit the coast of Queensland in January 1918, one of the hardest hit areas being Mackay, which was inundated by a consequent tidal wave on the 20th and 21st of that month. For some period after the eye passed through Mackay the outside world had no real idea of the devastation, as all communications had been cut: telegraph lines were down and dangerous seas prevented any navigation to the port of Mackay. The cyclone and the accompanying deluge (about 266mm were registered) wreaked havoc in the town of Mackay and particularly on the waterfront. Buildings were partially destroyed, unroofed, and overturned; Croker's stores on the riverfront were flattened. The ship 'Tay' although in reasonable condition, and the barge 'Apa' were aground on the north bank, and the Sydney Street Bridge no longer spanned the river (Information taken from: TimeWalks ).
This image depicts ships on the Pioneer River, Mackay, during the storm.

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