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Picture relating to Toowoomba - titled 'Train carriage at Toowoomba Railway Station, ca. 1923'
Picture relating to Charleville - titled 'Workers standing outside Roche's Building, Charleville, 1923'
Picture relating to Townsville - titled 'Townsville Railway Station, 1923'
Picture relating to Yaraka - titled 'Steam train at Yaraka Railway Station, 1923'

Train carriage at Toowoomba Railway Station, ca. 1923

contributed by QldPics, taken in 1923
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Excursion train from Samford to Toowoomba. This motorised bogie coach was custom built and of imported design. Queensland and Victoria used the petrol-mechanical McKeen Car r built in the USA.

This picture is also part of the Bonzle Cars (open in new window) photo collection.