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Picture relating to Charleville - titled 'Hailstorm aftermath in Alfred Street, Charleville, 1947'

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Hailstorm aftermath in Alfred Street, Charleville, 1947

contributed by QldPics, taken in November 1947
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Hail covered Alfred Street in Charleville after a hailstorm in 1947. Trees appear to have no leaves and some children are playing in the hail. Some residences and stores are visible on both sides of the street.
'Beilby' adds:
The storm took place in late November 1947. The photo shows something of the ferocity of the storm. Every tree was stripped of its foliage. The photo shows, even in the background, tall trees, with not a leaf. In the foreground is a white cedar. It would have been in full leaf by the end of November. It has been stripped back to its pre-pruning condition. This was the great event of our childhood. It was even said that the storm brought with it coral and certainly we were shown a large piece of coral on the roof of the store opposite the School of Arts, variously Comino's, ... Gilshenan's Store, etc. among the various ventures that eventuated under its roof.