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Picture relating to Rockhampton - titled 'Yungaba Migrant Hostel, Ward Street, Rockhampton, 1956'

Yungaba Migrant Hostel, Ward Street, Rockhampton, 1956

contributed by QldPics, taken in 1956
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Yungaba Migrant Hostel was constructed in 1890 as a private residence for John Ferguson’s daughter Catherine Jane Ferguson and her husband, solicitor, Charles Sydney Jones. It was originally named, Killin. Later appoximately 1949, the Queensland government purchased it to be used as offices but it became a Migrant Hostel for sponsored migrants arriving in Rockhampton during the post war period. Although alterations were made to accommodate the migrants, the original timber Queenslander had a large central entryway flanked by bay windows and encircling verandah. (Infomation taken from the EPA Heritage Register, 2005, retrieved 31 May 2006 from

This picture is also part of the Bonzle Post (open in new window) photo collection.