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Picture relating to Maldon - titled 'Maldon Historic  Gold Mining Village'

Maldon Historic Gold Mining Village

contributed by Bluedog, taken on 6 June 1991
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Maldon is a charming historic town which looks almost as though time has stood still since the end of the 19th century. Maldon is Victoria’s best preserved gold rush town with its carefully maintained colonial buildings and historic precinct. In 2006, the National Trust awarded the "Most Intact Historic Streetscape" title to Maldon. The town has 21 sites listed on the Australian Register of the National Estate. Its 19th century streets showcase an eclectic mix of galleries, collectables, handcrafts, old pubs, cafes, provedores, restaurants and more.
In 1966 Maldon became the first Victorian town to be classified as a "Notable Town" by the National Trust. In fact, only 2 towns have ever received this classification. This honour reflects an appreciation of its remarkably well-preserved historic streetscape with its European trees, wide verandahs, flagstone paving, old-fashioned shop fronts, quaint cottages with attractive gardens, and its many stone buildings erected in the heyday of the goldmining era

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