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Picture relating to Amiens - titled 'Original Fruit Grader at Bullecourt'
Picture relating to Ingham - titled 'Ingham - Mafeking Tree'
Picture relating to Ingham - titled 'Mafeking Tree - Boer War memorial'
Picture relating to Ingham - titled 'Mafking Tree - war memorial'
Picture relating to Ingham - titled 'Ingham Boer War Memorial Gardens'
Picture relating to Richmond - titled 'Richmond'
Picture relating to Terowie - titled 'Terowie'
Picture relating to Dawson - titled 'Dawson'

Original Fruit Grader at Bullecourt

contributed by CLancaster, taken on 9 October 2004
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The fruit grader pictured was originally purchased for the Soldier Settlement packing shed at Bullecourt which was established in 1934. After it had served it's time there it was then purchased by Fred Lancaster for use on the "Busy Bee Orchard". After the sale of the Busy Bee Fred had used it at Broadwater where he and his friend Joe Thompson grew tomatoes and other vegetables for a short period. The grader then went to Bob Cook at Severnlea who later donated it to the Stanthorpe Museum. Tom Lancaster, Fred's oldest son who had used the grader previously on the Busy Bee restored it on a reduced scale so that visitors to the museum could understand how it was used.