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Picture relating to Red Cliffs - titled 'Red Cliffs'
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Picture relating to Red Cliffs - titled 'Red Cliffs'

Red Cliffs

contributed by DerrickJessop, taken on 9 April 2005
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Big Lizzie was the brainchild of Frank Bottrill who had it built in 1916 in Melbourne to work as a tractor in very soft sand. It was slated for Broken Hill but only reach Red Cliffs where is was used to grub mulga roots and cart wheat for the developing Soldier Settlements. It could carry a load of 80 tons.
It featured 'Dreadnaught Wheels' - hinged planks on its wheels - was powered by a 60HP engine, was 98' long with its two trailers, 18' high and travelled at just over 2 mph.
From 1925 it rusted away in Western Victory before being returned to Red Cliffs and restored in 1971.

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