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Highest Localities in Australia

Highest Localities in Australia

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1Watsons Crags, NSW1,989m
2Blue Cow Mountain Terminal, NSW1,901m
3Rams Head Range, NSW1,892m
4Snowy Mountains, NSW1,869m
5Bulls Peaks, NSW1,860m
6Charlottes Pass, NSW1,853m
7Brassy Mountains, NSW1,837m
8Bogong High Plains, VIC1,763m
9Smiggin Holes, NSW1,747m
10Andrews Lookout, NSW1,747m
11Scabby Range, ACT1,737m
12Bimberi Range, ACT1,727m
13Perisher, NSW1,724m
14Blue Rag Range, VIC1,715m
15Hotham Heights, VIC1,714m
16Munyang Range, NSW1,703m
17The Razorback, VIC1,695m
18Strumbo Range, NSW1,688m
19Buckety Plain, VIC1,674m
20Ryders Yards (Campbells Yards), VIC1,660m
21Sentry Box Rock, ACT1,657m
22Lady Northcote Canyon, NSW1,628m
23Dargo High Plains, VIC1,620m
24Lankey Plain, VIC1,609m
25Mount Buller Alpine Village, VIC1,605m
26Raspberry Hill Camp Ground, VIC1,603m
27The Dip, NSW1,597m
28Farm Ridge, NSW1,591m
29Guthega, NSW1,590m
30Snowy Plain, VIC1,585m
31Grey Mares Range, NSW1,583m
32Howitt Plains, VIC1,580m
33Davies Plain Ridge, VIC1,579m
34Rover Lodge, VIC1,579m
35Finlays Lookout, NSW1,579m
36Gow Plain, VIC1,573m
37Minogues Lookout, VIC1,569m
38Peak Back Ridge, NSW1,565m
39Emu Plain, NSW1,562m
40Great Dividing Range, VIC1,554m
41Cowombat Ridge, NSW1,551m
42Dinner Plain, VIC1,543m
43Mount Selwyn Alpine Ski Resort, NSW1,543m
44Toolong Range, NSW1,541m
45Devils Hollow, VIC1,540m
46Falls Creek, VIC1,540m
47Tatra Inn, VIC1,538m
48Dargals Range, NSW1,534m
49Yaouk Gap, NSW1,533m
50Hooker Plateau, VIC1,523m

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