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Highest Huts in South Australia

Highest Huts in South Australia

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1Mungola Hut, SA670m
2Halleys Hut, SA623m
3Yangamitla Hut, SA601m
4Morgan Hut, SA599m
5Tin Hut, SA581m
6Maurice Lookout Hut, SA567m
7Pine Hut, SA563m
8Dedmans Hut, SA542m
9Bouda Hut, SA532m
10Tindelpina Hut, SA513m
11Winyagunna Hut, SA509m
12Little Mukra Hut, SA503m
13Sod Hut, SA493m
14Drafting Yard Hut, SA478m
15Morowie Hut, SA475m
16Mukra Hut, SA470m
17Oula Hut, SA468m
18Murundie Hut, SA467m
19Lower Horseshoe Hut, SA448m
20Wyacca Hut, SA443m
21Yan Yanna Hut, SA442m
22White Hut, SA437m
23Dusthole Hut, SA437m
24Oodnapanickan Hut, SA432m
25Truan Hut, SA428m
26Chinamans Hut, SA423m
27Douglas Hut, SA414m
28Windowarta Hut, SA407m
29Windy Hut, SA404m
30Elatina Hut, SA395m
31Grindell Hut, SA369m
32Prelinna Hut, SA362m
33Beltimore Hut, SA344m
34Jubilee Hut, SA326m
35Nantab Hut, SA318m
36Bumbumbie Hut, SA317m
37Wiena Hut, SA310m
38Pindarie Hut, SA301m
39Eighteen Mile Hut, SA299m
40Kolay Hut, SA298m
41Yapoona Hut, SA261m
42Calalie Hut, SA259m
43Sailor Jacks Hut, SA251m
44Tower Gap Hut, SA248m
45Mount Victoria Hut, SA241m
46Grant Hut, SA237m
47Papoodna Hut, SA236m
48Anabama East Hut, SA230m
49Glen Warwick Hut, SA224m
50Ulalowie Hut, SA215m

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