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Highest Localities in Tasmania

Highest Localities in Tasmania

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1Barn Bluff, TAS1,519m
2Turrana Bluff, TAS1,443m
3Clumner Bluff, TAS1,433m
4Hamilton Crags, TAS1,415m
5Western Bluff, TAS1,410m
6Sandbanks Tier, TAS1,391m
7Perrins Bluff, TAS1,371m
8Fisher Bluff, TAS1,367m
9Rodway Range, TAS1,353m
10Wild Dog Tier, TAS1,339m
11Sprent Plains, TAS1,337m
12Grant Cirque, TAS1,335m
13Bradys Lookout, TAS1,324m
14Black Bluff, TAS1,322m
15Mountains Of Jupiter, TAS1,291m
16Walls Of Jerusalem, TAS1,289m
17Ben Lomond, TAS1,280m
18Dean Bluff, TAS1,262m
19Eldon Bluff, TAS1,232m
20Quamby Bluff, TAS1,226m
21Howells Bluff, TAS1,218m
22Eldon Range, TAS1,216m
23Hartz Mountains, TAS1,204m
24Great Pine Tier, TAS1,198m
25Denison Range, TAS1,184m
26Chinamans Plains, TAS1,182m
27Loddon Bluff, TAS1,177m
28Nells Bluff, TAS1,175m
29Barren Tier, TAS1,173m
30Stony Plain, TAS1,169m
31Weld Ridge, TAS1,167m
32Traveller Range, TAS1,167m
33King William Range, TAS1,166m
34McAulays Ridge, TAS1,164m
35Bernacchi, TAS1,155m
36Downie Plains, TAS1,148m
37Projection Bluff, TAS1,147m
38Liffey Bluff, TAS1,141m
39February Plains, TAS1,134m
40Smiths Tops, TAS1,126m
41D'Arcys Bluff, TAS1,126m
42Mother Lords Plains, TAS1,117m
43Pine Hills, TAS1,109m
44Reynolds Neck, TAS1,103m
45Mackenzies Tier, TAS1,099m
46Snowy Range, TAS1,087m
47Wellington Range, TAS1,083m
48Cheyne Range, TAS1,081m
49Wentworth Hills, TAS1,081m
50Marriotts Lookout, TAS1,080m

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