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Largest Nature Conservation Reserves in Queensland

Largest Nature Conservation Reserves in Queensland

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RankingRegionArea (km2 or hectares)[1]
1Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Queensland397,219 km2
2Simpson Desert Regional Reserve South Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland29,418 km2
3Innamincka Regional Reserve South Australia and Queensland13,616 km2
4Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Central Section Queensland12,552 km2
5Simpson Desert National Park the Northern Territory and Queensland10,012 km2
6Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Cairns Section Queensland8,733 km2
7Diamantina National Park Queensland7,197 km2
8Simpson Desert Conservation Park South Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland6,922 km2
9Sturt National Park New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia5,603 km2
10Lakefield National Park Queensland5,377 km2
11Staaten River National Park Queensland4,687 km2
12Lumholtz National Park Queensland4,003 km2
13Mungkan Kandju National Park Queensland3,743 km2
14Lawn Hill National Park Queensland and the Northern Territory3,635 km2
15Jardine River National Park Queensland3,323 km2
16Moreton Bay Marine Park Queensland3,036 km2
17Carnarvon National Park Queensland2,999 km2
18Great Sandy National Park Queensland2,249 km2
19Hervey Bay Marine Park Queensland1,968 km2
20Currawinya National Park Queensland and New South Wales1,820 km2
21Astrebla Downs National Park Queensland1,717 km2
22Idalia National Park Queensland1,446 km2
23Daintree National Park Queensland1,435 km2
24Cape Melville National Park Queensland1,375 km2
25Expedition National Park Queensland1,320 km2
26Heathlands Resource Reserve Queensland1,285 km2
27Welford National Park Queensland1,241 km2
28White Mountains National Park Queensland1,089 km2
29Mackay/Capricorn Marine Park Queensland1,030 km2
30Repulse Fish Habitat Area Queensland96,874 hectares
31Broad Sound Islands National Park Queensland88,014 hectares
32Bladensburg National Park Queensland84,094 hectares
33Whitsunday Islands National Park Queensland80,122 hectares
34Wooroonooran National Park Queensland76,116 hectares
35Eungella National Park Queensland69,279 hectares
36Monkhouse Timber Reserve Queensland68,383 hectares
37Bowling Green Bay National Park Queensland68,378 hectares
38Bowling Green Bay Conservation Park Queensland64,628 hectares
39Undara Volcanic National Park Queensland61,742 hectares
40Bulleringa National Park Queensland54,058 hectares
41Bulburin Forest Reserve Queensland51,800 hectares
42Iron Range National Park Queensland48,661 hectares
43Lawn Hill Resources Reserve Queensland45,852 hectares
44Culgoa Floodplain National Park Queensland and New South Wales44,064 hectares
45Burrum Coast National Park Queensland43,978 hectares
46Hinchinbrook Island National Park Queensland39,636 hectares
47Cairns Marine Park Queensland37,257 hectares
48Mitchell-Alice Rivers National Park Queensland37,143 hectares
49Bania Forest Reserve Queensland36,186 hectares
50Morning Inlet-Bynoe River Fish Habitat Area Queensland35,384 hectares

[1]A hectare is a metric unit measurement of area defined as a square 100 metres by 100 metres. One hectare is equal to about 2.5 acres. There are 100 hectares in a square kilometre (km2)

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