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Picture of / about 'Bruce Highway' Queensland - Bruce Highway
Bruce Highway
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The Bruce Highway is a sealed road in Queensland.

The Bruce Highway's highest elevation along its length is 192m (highlight point | zoom to point) and the lowest point is at 1.57m (highlight point | zoom to point).

The Bruce Highway connects with Anzac Avenue, the Ayr - Dalbeg Road, the Bajool - Port Alma Road, the Bauple Woolooga Road, the Booyal Dallarnil Road, the Bowen Developmental Road, the Bramston Beach Road, the Bribie Island Road, the Bruce Highway-Isis Highway, the Bundaberg Gin Gin Road, the Burnett Highway, the Cairns Western Arterial Road, the Calen - Mount Charlton Road, the Caloundra Road, the Capricorn Highway, the Captain Cook Highway, the Cooroy - Noosa Road, the Cooroy Connection Road, the Dawson Highway, the Deception Bay Road, the El Arish - Mission Beach Road, the Eumundi - Kenilworth Road, the Eumundi - Noosa Road, the Flinders Highway, the Gavial - Gracemere Road, the Gin Gin Mount Perry Road, the Gladstone - Benaraby Road, the Gladstone - Mount Larcom Road, the Glasshouse Mountains Road, the Goodwood Road, the Gordonvale - Atherton (Gillies) Road, the Gympie - Brooloo Road, the Gympie - Woolooga Road, the Gympie Arterial Road, the Gympie Connection Road, the Hawkins Creek Road, the Homebush Road, the Ingham - Abergowrie Road, the Ingham - Forrest Beach Road, the Ingham - Halifax - Bermerside Road, the Ingham Connection Road, the Innisfail - Japoon Road, the Isis Highway, the Kalpowar Road, the Kenilworth - Skyring Creek Road, the Koulmala - Bolingbroke Road, the Kunapippi - Midge Point Road, Lascelles Avenue, Lower King Street, the Lowmead Road, the Mackay - Bucasia Road, the Mackay - Slade Point Road, the Marian - Hampden Road, the Marlborough - Sarina Road, the Marlborough Sarina Road, the Maroochydore Road, the Maryborough Biggenden Road, the Maryborough Hervey Bay Road, McLennan Drive, the Milman Road, the Mirani - Mount Ossa Road, the Miriam Vale Baffle Creek Road, the Mount Ossa - Seaforth Road, the Mourilyan Harbour Road, the Murdering Point Road, the Nambour - Bli Bli Road, the Nambour Connection Road, the Old Bruce Highway, the Old Bruce Highway, the Palmerston Highway, the Peak Downs Highway, the Pomona Connection Road, the Proserpine - Shute Harbour Road, the Rockhampton - Ridgelands Road, the Rockhampton - Yeppoon Road, the Ross River Road, the Rossmoya Road, the Sarina - Homebush Road, the Sarina Coast Road, the Saunders Beach Road, the Silkwood - Japoon Road, the South Johnstone Road, the South Townsville Road, the St Lawrence Connection Road, the St Lawrence Croydon Road, the Stanage Bay Road, the Sunshine Motorway, the Tannum Sands Road, the Targinie Road, the Tin Can Bay Road, the Townsville Connection Road, the Townsville Port Road, the Tully - Hull Road, the Tully - Mission Beach Road, the Uhlmann Road, the Up - River Road, the Wide Bay Highway, the Woodstock Giru Road, the Yakapari - Seaforth Road, the Yandina - Bli Bli Road and the Yandina - Coolum Road.

Towns, villages and localities on the Bruce Highway include Cairns (highlight), White Rock (highlight), Cairns (highlight), Gordonvale (highlight), Babinda (highlight), Miriwinni (highlight), Innisfail (highlight), Mourilyan (highlight), Moresby (highlight), El Arish (highlight), Kennedy (highlight), Cardwell (highlight), Bluewater (highlight), Yabulu (highlight), Deeragun (highlight), Douglas (highlight), Annandale (highlight), Brandon (highlight), Ayr (highlight), Mirrigan (highlight), Home Hill (highlight), Merinda (highlight), Intaburra (highlight), Longford Creek (highlight), Ohanlons Siding (highlight), Myrtlevale (highlight), Noorlah (highlight), Mowo (highlight), Bloomsbury (highlight), Kamo (highlight), Elaroo (highlight), Cathu (highlight), Yalboroo (highlight), Wagoora (highlight), Calen (highlight), Mount Ossa (highlight), Buthurra (highlight), Aminungo (highlight), Wiri (highlight), Glenella (highlight), Mackay (highlight), Sarina (highlight), Ilbilbie (highlight), Carmila (highlight), Canoona (highlight), Pandoin (highlight), Parkhurst (highlight), Kawana (highlight), Port Curtis Junction (highlight), Bajool (highlight), Raglan (highlight), Epala (highlight), Ambrose (highlight), Mount Larcom (highlight), Calliope Crossing (highlight), Rodds Bay (highlight), Bororen (highlight), Miriam Vale (highlight), Old Kolonga (highlight), Gin Gin (highlight), Booyal (highlight), Childers (highlight), Tiaro (highlight), Kadina (highlight) and Kulangoor (highlight).

The Bruce Highway is highlighted in yellow on the map below.

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Map of Bruce Highway in Queensland showing Raglan (highlighted in purple)
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