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Picture of / about 'Yarra River' Victoria - SS Beltana Duke & Orrs Drydock Yarra River
SS Beltana Duke & Orrs Drydock Yarra River
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The Yarra River in south Victoria starts near Yeringberg at an elevation of 107m and flows into Hobsons Bay in the Tasman Sea of the South Pacific Ocean.

The Yarra River drops around 109m over its 121km length.

13 creeks and rivers flow into the Yarra River. The five longest tributaries are: Merri Creek, Plenty River, Darebin Creek, Diamond Creek and Watts River - click here for a full list of all 13 tributaries of the Yarra River.

The Yarra River is highlighted in yellow on the map below.

Bonzle users have caught and/or seen atlantic salmon, brown trout, carp, murray cod and redfin at Yarra River (Note: some species of fish may not be available at all times of the year. Always check State/Territory fishing regulations for size, bag/possession limits and licensing/permit requirements. Some native fish are protected and may not be taken). Is this list accurate? Have you caught or seen other species of fish at Yarra River? Contribute your knowledge by clicking here.

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contributed by LouisMilkovits on 28-May-2010 (last modified 28-May-2010)
Yarra River - Some Notes.
Yarra River A bridge over the Yarra River connecting Johnston Street (Abbotsford) and Studley Park Road (Kew). From this point the river meanders around the east of the Melbourne central business district before turning back towards the city centre. The river is navigable in small craft from this point to the ocean.

1. The Yarra River is some 242km long. It rises in the Yarra Ranges National Park, high in the Great Dividing Range and east of Warburton. The name "Yarra" comes from a word meaning "flowing water" in the language of the Aboriginal people who inhabited the area before the arrival of Europeans.

Yarra River The Yarra River downstream from Dights Falls. The muddy colour comes from suspended fine clay particles which appear not to be harmful to aquatic life. This locality is about 5km from the Melbourne city centre.

2. The lower reaches of the river were first surveyed in 1803 and Melbourne was established on its banks 32 years later. In 1851 gold was discovered for the first time in Victoria in a tributary of the Yarra River near Warrandyte. The river banks were mined and in places the river itself was diverted so the river bed also could be mined. The most conspicuous example of this is at Pound Bend at Warrandyte where the river was diverted through a tunnel to expose over 3.8km of river bed for mining.

Yarra River Close-up of the Dights Falls Weir on the Yarra River at Yarra Bend near Abbotsford. The Capital City and Yarra Main Trail cycle and walkways pass this point.

3. The upper parts of the river and its tributaries are impounded and diverted for Melbourne's urban water use. The flow, by the time the river reaches Melbourne's urban fringe, is about half of its former natural flow. Nevertheless, these upper waters provide good fishing due to both self sustaining populations of fish and an active stocking program.

Yarra River Yarra River at Westerfolds Park, Templestowe.

4. Further downstream, from about where the Maroondah Highway crosses the river near Healsville, the river progressively takes on the brown colour which characterises its downstream waters. This comes from suspended clay particles collected as the river and its downstream tributaries flow through agricultural land. About 60% of the Yarra River's catchment is in agricultural or urban use. There are numerous parks and golf courses along the river once it enters the urban zone. Within this zone, recreational activities include rowing as well as fishing.

5. The lowest parts of the river have been extensively urbanised and, after flowing through Melbourne City, the river hosts one of the largest ports in the southern hemisphere. In this part, both the river bed and its course have been significantly altered since the arrival of European settlement.

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Map of Yarra River in Victoria
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