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Great Sandy Desert covers an area of about 27 million hectares and is located in the northwest of Australia. Great Sandy Desert is in Western Australia.

Localities within the Great Sandy Desert include Barnicarndy Hills (highlight), Battlement Rocks (highlight), Bibarrd Aboriginal Outstation (highlight), Bishop Range (highlight), Bishops Dell (highlight), Boundary Hill (highlight), Breaden Valley (highlight), Casey Range (highlight), Clapp Ridge (highlight), Colorado Outcrop (highlight), Dummer Range (highlight), Footprint Flat (highlight), French Hills (highlight), Grabowsky Range (highlight), Hall Range (highlight), Isabella Range (highlight), Jalyirr (highlight), Jones Range (highlight), Kalunngalong (highlight), Karakutikati Range (highlight), Kunapungu Plain (highlight), Kunapungu Range (highlight), Kurlku (highlight), Lamanbundah (highlight), Lamil Hills (highlight), Lurreringu (highlight), Malu Hills (highlight), Mangkala (highlight), McLarty Hills (highlight), Minnie Range (highlight), Mount Sears Range (highlight), Mulibidee (highlight), Munroe Springs (highlight), Newberry Peaks (highlight), Ngarantjadu (highlight), Pangkulangu Plain (highlight), Pardoo Roadhouse (highlight), Paterson Range (highlight), Punmu (highlight), Purluwala (highlight), Radi Hills (highlight), Roberts Range (highlight), Sandfire Roadhouse And Caravan Park (highlight), Scotland Point (highlight), Scott Bluff (highlight), Shoesmith Cliffs (highlight), Slate Range (highlight), Southesk Tablelands (highlight), Stansmore Range (highlight), Stoneaxe Cave (highlight), Stretch Range (highlight), Telfer (highlight), Thompson Hills (highlight), Thornton Flat (highlight), Throssell Range (highlight), Tobins Grave (highlight), Trotman Hills (highlight), Walgali (highlight), White Hills (highlight), Wilki Range (highlight), Wilson Cliffs (highlight), Wilson Glen (highlight), Woods Hills (highlight), Yagga Yagga (highlight), Yarrana Heights (highlight) and Yarri Yarri (highlight).

Bores and wells within the Great Sandy Desert include 10 Km Bore (highlight), Adverse Well (highlight), Ainslie Bore (highlight), Boulder Well (highlight), Coolgardie Well (highlight), Curara Soaks (No 24 Well) (highlight), Dinkum Well (highlight), Disaster Water (highlight), Discovery Well (highlight), Dunda Jinnda (No 30) Well (highlight), Government Bore (highlight), Homestead Bore (highlight), Kanjimanilba Well (highlight), Libral Well (highlight), Lumba Well (highlight), Minjoo Well (highlight), Mulyegal Well (highlight), Murguga Well (highlight), Myadee Spring Well (highlight), Nangabbittajarra Well (highlight), Nibil Well (highlight), No 11 Bore (highlight), No 25 Well (highlight), No 27 Well (highlight), No 28 Well (highlight), No 29 Well (highlight), No 3 Desert Well (highlight), No 31 Well (highlight), No 44 Well (highlight), No 45 Well (highlight), No 46 Kuduarra Well (highlight), No 47 Well (highlight), No 48 Well (highlight), No 49 Well (highlight), No. 2 Bore (highlight), No. 3 Bore (highlight), Nurgurga Well (highlight), Old House Well (highlight), Sahara Well (highlight), Separation Well (highlight), Shed Bore (highlight), Snell Well (highlight), Taylors Bore (highlight), Tiru Well (highlight), Tiwa (No 26) Well (highlight), Waddawalla Well (highlight), Wallal Bore (highlight), Wanda Well (highlight) and Wullowla Well (highlight).

Towns, villages or cities near Great Sandy Desert include the village of Yungngora (show me), the village of Jigalong (show me) and the village of Mindibungu (show me).

There are 2 weather stations within Great Sandy Desert (ordered from north to south):

Are you a keen bird watcher? Have you been bird watching in Great Sandy Desert? What birds have you seen in Great Sandy Desert? Contribute your knowledge by clicking here. As a Bonzle sub-project, we're trying to build Australia's most comprehensive bird location atlas. A big thankyou to all that have contributed and continue to contribute sightings.

Bonzle users have reported that the following vermin (feral animals, insects and weeds) have invaded Great Sandy Desert: feral camel and red fire ant. Do you know of other feral animals, insects and weeds that have invaded Great Sandy Desert? Is this list accurate? Contribute your knowledge by clicking here.

Sandfire Roadhouse And Caravan ParkSandfire Roadhouse And Caravan Park There are 7 places with pictures within Great Sandy Desert: Camel Rock, Sandfire Roadhouse And Caravan Park, No 46 Kuduarra Well, Separation Well, Pardoo Roadhouse, Thomas Peak and Thring Rock

If you're interested in Deserts then you may also be interested in Forestry Reserves and Nature Conservation Reserves.

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Map of Great Sandy Desert in Western Australia showing McLarty Hills (highlighted in purple)
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