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Picture relating to Blue Metal And Gravel Quarry Prospect - titled 'Blue Metal And Gravel Quarry Prospect'

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Blue Metal And Gravel Quarry Prospect

contributed by DennisF, taken on 18 January 2017
(contact DennisF about this picture)

High grade lead ore (galena) discovered in the Mugga South aggregate quarry. This sample was given to me by the Mt Mugga Quarry manager, then the main quarry, in 1969. Sample is 7 cm long and has vughs containing anglesite (lead sulphate). I went to the Mugga South quarry shortly afterwards and found some minor amounts of galena. The host rock was the Mugga Mugga Porphyry. From memory the manager said they mined the galena and sent it to Port Kembla for smelting. The location shown in Bonzle is wrong which depicts the site as the main Mt Mugga Quarry. It was found at the Mugga South Quarry, 1.5 kms to the southeast.

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